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Radix invests in the development of 100% national technology, offering not just the technology solution but also the strategic support for clients’ decision-making.

The technologies developed by the company are aimed at increasing efficiency and identifying forms of adding value for the client. Some of these arise from solutions, frameworks and methodologies which are customized for companies, always considering what already exists in the market, paying attention to the cost-benefit ratio and following the best design engineering concepts.

To strengthen its solutions and expand its portfolio, Radix has the support of partners such as SAP, Microsoft, NASA, Lockheed Martin, OSISoft, Honeywell, Sotreq and others.

For the development of technologies, Radix uses laboratories as well as electronics, in which A!prox and the company’s IoT platform were created.

Technologies developed and consolidated by Radix

- A!prox: The objective of the solution is to alert operators of vehicles and equipment to the presence of workers in the field or plant, thus avoiding minor and major accidents. Since its conception, the product has branched out, also working with the monitoring of vehicles within the industry. Accordingly, the technology monitors and tracks vehicles within an industrial site and also informs the time spent on a given route.

- X!MES: This is the only application that brings together a complete series of tools and functions to improve the management of operations: collaboration, planning, scheduling, execution, control and coordination of the entire network of the production chain. In addition to the typical X!Mes modules, new specific and customized modules can be easily added to the system’s set of functionalities, integrating the solution and allowing its future use in new roll-outs.

- Energy Efficiency Framework: This methodology is applicable to any industrial unit or generation of energy in which efficiency and availability are priority issues for the business.

The Framework has six levers: supplies, processes, procedures, optimization, reuse and oversight. Through these levers, it is possible to raise the energy performance of any type of process.

To learn more about what Radix can offer in technology, contact:
Flávio Waltz (director) – (21) 3725-1142 / (21) 3725-1156 | waltz@radixeng.com.br