Major project wraps up after having 20,000 processes analyzed

Radix had a team of 40 employees allocated at Petrobras since 2013

Cenpes radix

Three years ago, Radix closed on an agreement contract for process management with Petrobras. This resulted in two additional contracts totaling in three years and eight months of partnership between the two companies. More than 20,000 processes were successfully analyzed in the Science and Technology Institutions, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This project was executed for Petrobras Research and Development Center (CENPES), where research, development, and basic engineering activities are concentrated, and where partnerships with research institutions, suppliers, and clients are also formed.

At the end of the first contract, Radix had on team with 40 dedicated professionals. Going into the second contract, Radix faced a different challenge: to maintain a team of 32 professionals. In a bid to make it happen, the team focused on technology and innovation, investing in simple solutions and increasing productivity, such as buying tablets for the Infrastructure team, which was responsible for monitoring whether the infrastructure was implemented as expected, and the development of a software - by Radix team - to help them generate a more automated and faster reports. “We are always looking for ways to innovate and perfect our projects. We realized our team would be more productive with a system generated specifically to meet our needs, therefore, the team developed the software to better generate reports", said Radix Manager, Karla Basile.

Bruno Bandeira, Radix manager, responsible for the project, highlighted some activities which accounted for the success of the partnership: "We developed a platform for management, which generated into one single source all processes information, and gave managers a full view of the R&D within Cenpes, which was previously managed using Excel; the development of an on-site monitoring tool; our specific training for the project team and even providing compliance training, in which we invited Petrobras to participate along our company on the Radix's compliance policy."

Fernanda Borring, Radix engineer, said about the project: "I put together the scope of the project where I realized most of my responsibilities could be automated. I assembled the proposal and participated in the automation process, which was done within a system that was already with Petrobras. As my role had been automated, I went to the Financial Reform department where I stayed until the end of the project. We aim to find ways to improve and optimize the processes, making the work smarter and freeing the professional to another strategic department". As the project finished at Cenpes, Fernanda is now working at Radix headquarters in Rio, in the quality department of the Ipiranga project.

The quality of the work that Radix team presented was well-regarded by the client during the hand-over meeting. According to Petrobras manager, Claudio Carvalho, the dedication from the team while executing the project was highly valued to the partnership: "I acknowledge and appreciate the quality and productivity of the services provided by Radix in the contract, this is all reflected in the good performance appraisals. The team had commitment and professionalism throughout the entire duration of the contract."

In a delicate moment in the economy, especially in the oil and gas industry, working with accountability is not an easy task. Overcoming expectations and conquering the impossible, Bruno Bandeira says the Radix team got at least three compliments from the auditors: "I had never seen something like this. It’s not usual for an auditor to praise the work completed, but we received more than three positive reviews. Our activities were monitored not only by Petrobras Internal Auditors, but also by external comptrollers. We were constantly reinventing ourselves to optimize the activities due to the constant revisions of the procedures to increase controls on the use of Petrobras' money invested in R&D with the Cenpes."

In addition to the audits, the team also went through the change phase of Petrobras in the form of hiring. "In addition to the intrinsic challenge of managing a diverse team of more than 30 employees, we had one of the first contracts with Cenpes where the invoicing was for deliverables and not for allocation of labor. This was a major paradigm shift for the client, who was accustomed to having influence in the management team of the contracted company. We were gaining confidence, autonomy in the management and execution of activities as we delivered all the services with the expected quality," explained Bandeira.

For Fernando Rangel, Accounting Coordinator for the Cenpes project, working alongside the client on their site requires a lot of professionalism. "We are watched and evaluated all the time, our deliverables have almost reached perfection, given that poor delivery can put the customer's trust and the entire project at risk. The most challenging part was when I was invited to assume the position of Accounting Coordinator, as this would consist manage a team of 15 people. In this project, my goal and objective was to reach efficiency while preserving quality. For this to happen, the team would have to pursue one common goal. The result was surprising, we had a great evolution of the team that was translated into excellent grades in the evaluations carried out by the Petrobras auditors."

The project was one of the first projects Radix had taken on. Over the years, the projects had five managers contributing to its services improvements: Eliane Campos, Paulo Ramos, Werner Dopheide, Daniel Barros, and Bruno Bandeira. These managers had the challenge of leading a team of more than 30 employees divided into eight areas, including: New Proposals Analysis, Additives Analysis, Financial Reform Analysis, Infrastructure Implementation Tracking, Accountability, Closing of Agreements, Inspections, and Accounts Payable. In addition to managing each employee, managers also had the challenge of maintaining Radix's identity and culture within Cenpes.

According to Bandeira, Radix was one of the few companies that had the concern of maintain the Radix culture on the clients site, "While staying on a client’s premises for long periods of time, it was important to keep the team identified with the company. In order to shorten this distance between the team and Radix, which wasn’t just a physical one, we constantly invested in the integration with the headquarter at Cenpes. Top management and Intranet were very helpful because it gave the team the transparency within the company such as with new challenges and news that would come up. We had so much pride to work at Radix, that we even had the company’s flag in our office."

Messias Lamim, Business Development Manager at Cenpes, spoke about the multidisciplinary and the diverse background of the team. "We worked with very different groups, which allowed for a fast and great learning. The project was a very diverse one, so had a team trained in law, administration, engineering, accounting, as well as in technical training. In addition to this multidisciplinary, we also have a multi-stakeholder profile, which enabled for great exchange of experiences and knowledge ".

For the manager, the biggest takeaway from the project was the surprise thank you from Petrobras: "On the last day of the contract, Petrobras Manager came to our office to thank the team for the professionalism, dedication and work performed during this period. This only reinforces our sense of mission fulfilled. There is no better feeling greater the one of having your work recognized. The whole team was great and very committed. We are very grateful for all of those who took part into this Radix achievement!".