Radix launches a new system to monitor, analyze, and audit alarms

Xalarms radix

Radix has been investing in technological solutions for years now. The company launched a new product on the market: the X!Alarms. The alarm management system (X!Alarms) manages, analyzes, and audits alarms from various industries. The product combines software development expertise with Industry 4.0 technologies to enable alarm and equipment management, in real-time, and while in operation.

According to Paulo Armando, Radix Director, the product optimizes efficiency and reduces cost to the customer. The product can also be integrated with SCADA systems from different manufacturers. "We are recognized for adding more than just a technological solution, it adds value to our clients. With X!Alarms, it is possible to reduce costs and time during operation, and optimize safety and efficiency because the user doesn’t need to be on location to manage and modify alarms’ attributes. Some of the alarms’ attributes include its name, severity, and noise filter. Radix is now developing the availability to monitor, follow-up, modify, and manage alarms from any mobile device, computer, tablet, and smartphone."

In addition to the automated management, the system also generates detailed reports on the most frequently used alarms, duration, and other useful data items for effective operation.