PI Systems Certifications Leader

Integrated and automated solutions to collect and store real-time data

Radix   osisoft certifications

Radix has been leading the amount of OSIsoft’s PI Infrastructure Specialist worldwide with over 30 certified professionals. The engineering and software company is well positioned to offer OSIsoft solutions combined with Radix’s expertise in Industry 4.0 due to the amount of professionals certified.

With the PI System, clients are equipped to collect and store real-time data from a multitude of sources and access it to empower decision making throughout all levels of the organization. It is possible to analyze information from the factory floor to the corporate system to ensure security and agility on the data needed for decision-making.

In addition to the PI System Infrastructure Specialist, OSIsoft recently launched the PI System Installation Specialist certification worldwide. Radix anticipated client’s needs and has already invested in professional’s certification on the newest OSIsoft solution.