Radix sets open standards for future control systems

Member of The Open Process Automation Group, Radix is actively taking part in the definition of new standards for control system to be adopted in the near future.

Radix   open automation

Radix is ​​a member of The Open Process Automation Group, an initiative that gathers 113 companies from various industries for the next generation of process control systems. Companies such as Radix, Microsoft, Georgia Pacific, ExxonMobil, Yokogawa, Schneider, Honeywell, Chevron, GE, BASF, Dow, and Lockheed Martin seek to define new standards that enhance interoperability, scalability, and automation, through open standards.

According to Project Manager, Leo Vitor Learth, the Open Process Automation Group aims for open standards on future control systems for profit and cost savings. "The future of control systems lies in bringing a new paradigm closer to the control systems of IT. If the automation industry leverages the IT framework, the interoperability and scalability will increase and CAPEX and OPEX costs to upgrade systems already deployed will drastically reduce. "

The new paradigm becomes a problem-solving solution. The control systems will be modularized in hardware and software. All information will be available and accessible from all plant devices in an open data source. It can also be shared on the cloud.