The Next Generation of Control System Aims for Open Automation

The open automation group   radix

The increasing costs related to the replacement and life cycle management of current control systems are bringing operators, led by ExxonMobil, to push the Automation solution providers to change the current industry paradigm. Joining the effort to define the next generation of automation standards, Radix is a member of the OpenGroup Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF™). Since its foundation, over one hundred other companies from various industries have joined the OpenGroup OPAF™, a collaboration that meets regularly to lay the groundwork aiming for a robust, open, secure, and interoperable control systems’ architecture.

At one of the latest face to face meetings, Radix US CEO Flávio Guimarães was present to discuss his vision for the 4th Industrial Revolution the world is currently embracing. According to Guimarães, new technologies, such as machine learning and cloud computing, are tools that enterprises will increasingly rely on in order to reduce costs while meeting or surpassing production targets.

This optimization is made possible by the narrowing gap between OT and IT that makes these technologies plausible in an operational setting - the essence of the 4th Industrial Revolution.