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CES offers a window into industry of the future

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas this month, saw various new technological solutions presented. The conference is typically known as an event where technology companies show off their latest wares meant to woo consumers. This year, the event saw over 100,000 visitors that were given the opportunity to see the next up and coming generation of drones, autonomous vehicles, virtual assistants, virtual and augmented reality experiences, and many other examples of technologies that are continuing their steady march into the hands of everyday consumers.

To this end, Radix US President, Rich Frogge was in attendance to explore how these technological developments will impact Radix’s customers and partners. “To me, an Oil & Gas guy, CES was like attending OTC in Houston and is a must go-to conference for big data, digitalization, AI, and VR/AR. These are the same key advancements that are driving transformation in the energy industry,” said Frogge.

As these technologies mature, they become stable enough for large scale adoption by the industry itself. Because of this crossover, CES has become a demonstration of what the energy industry, the manufacturing industry, and many others may look like once these solutions are stable enough for enterprises to stake their businesses on.

Companies exhibiting here aim to impress with demonstrations ranging from Intel’s introduction of “Loihi”, its first neuromorphic chip designed to learn and understand the way the human brain does, to a drone performance synchronized with the Bellagio’s own famous water show.