Radix develops a laboratory operations management software for a major oil and gas operator

Software designed to help operators in high pressure experiments

Radix software project

Recently, Radix partnered with a major oil and gas operator to develop a system for tracking, evaluating, and analyzing laboratory equipment for high pressure experiments. The software is designed to accommodate various equipment types and store test data.

As a result, the users of the software will be able to locate any experiment critical item of equipment and be notified when calibrations or tests are required. Along with this, the application will become a management tool for the supervisors and operators to define the location of operational risk areas, providing a repository for safety and hazard information and a convenient visual guide for operators to limit the risk of incidents.

“We are excited to work on a project that will provide immediate value to our client. This software solves a problem common in laboratory environments, which is equipment tracking and maintenance schedules,” says Process Engineer, Travis Comer. “The risk area functionality will be a unique solution for ensuring that operators know which areas to avoid if unfamiliar or untrained, preventing unnecessary work incidents.” Said Comer.

This tool is one of several Radix projects that combines engineering expertise with state-of-the art software development capabilities.