Radix’s New Partnership with Seeq to Deliver Advanced Analytics

New partnership aims to accelerate digital transformation and delivery advanced analytics


Recently announced, Radix and its new partner, Seeq, will work together to deliver analytics solutions and insights to their clients. The partnership’s objective is to accelerate digital transformation and take advantage of the analytics resources so they can offer operational efficiency and a more profound insight of the whole organization. Radix and Seeq sponsored the PI World event alongside each other.

Radix and Seeq took the opportunity to announce their partnership during the OSIsoft’s User Conference, PI World. With so many clients in common who attended PI World and considering the commitment of both companies to the PI Platform from OSIsoft, it was a great opportunity to highlight the capacity both companies can achieve and will bring with the partnership.

João Chachamovitz, Radix’s CEO, views Seeq as the best PI platform experts in the market who will now enhance Radix’s solutions offerings to their clients.

Radix has an extensive experience and understanding of operational platforms of corporate data, which combined with Seeq’s advanced analytics solutions, result in the extension and improvement of the digital transformational operations of their clients.

According to Mr. Chachamovitz, Seeq is recognized in the industry as a PI Process analytics catalyst/ accelerator. Both companies will devote their skills to innovate and execute tasks to expand and increase margins for their clients.

Seeq’s CEO, Steve Silwa comments about Radix and their partnership by mentioning how solution providers like Radix are crucial for Seeq to deliver their analytics solution. According to Mr. Silwa, their clients count on partners like Radix who have knowledge and experience to propose significant solutions that offer insight and generate results.