Radix Develops an Intuitive Laboratory Management Web Application for an Oil and Gas Industry Leader

Robust software gives the flexibility and automation client seeks

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Radix has partnered with an oil and gas industry leader to develop a Laboratory Management web application to improve productivity, reliability, and safety of its laboratory operations. Through an intuitive web application interface, clients can track and manage equipment information, events related to the Laboratory activities in addition to safety and risk assessments.

Radix’s main goal is to provide the client with a robust software that can be customizable to fulfill all client’s business needs. According to Tárik Siqueira, the technical manager for this project, the development counts with a team of experts in automation, chemical, and software engineering.

“The platform has a range of tools where the user has access to the laboratory equipment information, interfacing with other corporate systems across different networks, email notifications of important events, and safety and risk assessments with approval workflows. It’s a unique architecture, and we are all excited to see the results the product brings to our client”, says Mr. Siqueira