Radix Launches Internal Series “The Art of PI”

Internal training provides for knowledge sharing across all Radix offices

The art of pi Zach Burke, Radix US Applications Engineer, leading the first webinar series session at the Houston office.

Radix is launching an internal knowledge sharing event titled “The Art of PI”, a webinar series on PI System where employees from all Radix locations are invited to participate. The program aims to spread the learnings and knowledge across Radix offices both in Brazil and in the United States. By making sure knowledge flows as freely as possible between people across the organizations, an unparalleled level of technical competency can be achieved.

The first meeting of the series took place on November 14, and it was a success. About 40 people from different business units attended the session that was led by the Radix US Applications Engineer, Zach Burke. Burke has been with the company for over 2 years and is one of the key resources in one of our major current contracts. Radix US Program Manager for the Metals and Mining Business Unit, Justin Conroy, moderated the session. Conroy pitched questions sent in by the audience through a chat window. Luan Sandes, Radix Project Coordinator in the Rio de Janeiro office, also supported the session by answering and clarifying some questions.

Burke is pleased with the outcome of this first session. Empowering employees and providing them a new skill-set are essential practices to deliver the best results to our clients.

“I was really happy to be able to participate in this because the value we really provide our clients is a level of expertise that’s been built up over time across many different projects. Knowledge shares like this allows us to build each other up to and beyond this level by sharing lessons from the field that help serve as the basis upon which we structure our decision making in future projects”, says the Applications Engineer.

The session itself lasted an hour, and there are at least 3 more sessions slotted to take place in the new few weeks.