Radix Specialists are Finalists from the “Battle of Data” Hackathon

The programming marathon focused on social issues

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Radix specialists Raul Sena and Gustavo Daniel made it to the "< Battle of Data >" hackathon finals. The event was promoted by Itaú Unibanco bank. Over 1,750 people nationwide signed up for the marathon, which counted with 30 hours of brainstorming and coding to provide viable and innovative solutions to aid on real world problems in safety, education, and health.

Raul Sena and Gustavo Daniel were grouped with three other professionals of technology who had also signed up for the hackathon. Having “Safety” as their theme, they developed a solution for users to report city issues by talking to a chatbot. According to Raul Sena, the platform uses artificial intelligence and real-time city data, in this case, the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Sena says, “The solution we came up with fits the theme they gave us and was innovative. It was very interesting to test our ability to withstand the pressure of creating, programming, and advocating for a product, all in a very short time window. Besides that, we were able to assess and compare our level of knowledge to our competitors’.”


Raul Sena, Gustavo Daniel, and their teammates at < Battle of Data >