Radix at Premier Techonology Event – São Paulo Campus Party

Radix Software Developer shares his expertise on C# language and its ecosystem benefits

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Frederico Gomes, Radix Software Developer presented on February 15 at the largest technology marathon in Brazil. He shared his expertise on C# language and its ecosystem software applications. C# is a powerful and advanced programming language created by Microsoft as part of the .NET platform. He explained how the language can be applied to build and test different scenarios and products.

“Nowadays everything revolves around data. In a very near future, data science will completely rule the world, and Radix wants to be one of the pioneers in the market. Through C# we have a multitude of different applications to optimize a product’s efficiency and profitability,” explains Gomes.

At its 12th edition, the event held in São Paulo brought together over 120,000 people throughout the 5 days of workshops, hackathons, challenges, exhibitions and fun activities. Altogether, 900 lectures were presented in 8 stages for almost 24 hours a day non-stop. Participants were able to share their interests and knowledge, inspire each other to grow, learn and transform, experience innovative technology through interactive games, and work together to build a future powered by technology.