Radix employees participates at a public transportation Hackathon in Sweden


70+ experts from around the world participated at the Youth for Public Transportation Hackathon (Y4PT) in Stockholm, Sweden. Radix was represented by two professionals - Fausto Junqueira and Willow Chung.

Radix engineers formed a group with professionals from Portugal, Dominican Republic, and Peru and they secured 4th place. They presented a solution aimed at sustainability in the transportation industry. The team developed an application that allows companies to provide their employees faster and more cost-effective routes. When employees register their address into the system, the application uses algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning to indicate the best route.

“Most people drive to work due to a greater comfort compared to public transportation. However, a company bus that picks employees up at home could be even more comfortable and reduce traffic congestion,” said Fausto.

According to Fausto the idea came from places in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where people who live in the same neighborhood and work in close by companies rent buses to decrease the amount of wait time and congestion. He noticed that grouping employees by home address and place of work generated the most cost and time effectiveness.

The employees were invited to participate in the Y4PT Hackathon after having won the Hacking.Rio 2018 (the largest hackathon in Latin America).

The Y4PT aims to promote the active participation of people on transport and mobility issues at all levels to unlock new opportunities to expand, diversify, and renew products and services.