Radix received award from the CMMI Institute

The award was due to the method that Radix developed in its processes

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Radix was awarded the highest award from the CMMI Capability Challenge 2019, a global competition for CMMI Institute. The Capability Challenge Competition showcases leaders from around the world who are improving their business performance by building organizational capability. The leaders share their unique stories on how building key capabilities at the company results in improve in performance, quality, and profit.


Radix combined the company's technological expertise with client's efficiency needs through innovative solutions specified and implemented from knowledge of client's operations, using the BDD method in the software development.


Radix decided to implement BDD, a software development approach that has evolved from TDD (Test Driven Development). BDD is a different way to write the functional documentation using a common language, which improves communication between requirements analysts, testers, developers and clients. By writing tests ahead of the code, the testing is more user-focused and based on the system’s behavior.


“ I believe what differentiated Radix in this challenge was the presentation of an innovative improvement project using BDD - the agile development technique that has been booming in the market. The use of BDD helped reduce 37.8% of requirement analysis efforts, and 81.9% of testing efforts. Additionally, Radix has achieved Maturity Level 5 for the second time in a row”, concludes Caroline Rivera, Quality Assurance Manager at Radix. In 2018, Rivera led the improvement process to evaluate the CMMI – DEV Level 5.


In 2015 Radix reached Maturity Level 5. More importantly, Radix gained increased productivity control, less planning risk, and greater visibility with the results. By achieving CMMI Maturity Level 5 in 2015 and 2018, Radix obtained more visibility both in the national and international markets.


“Being recognized through this international challenge validates the effort of our leaders and employees worldwide and that has been fundamental for Radix in the American market, because it helped assure customers of our commitment to product quality and project performance ”, says Joao Chachamovitz, Radix CEO.


The CMMI Institute is the global leader in the advancement of best practices in people, process, and technology. This institute enables organizations to elevate and benchmark performance across a range of critical business capabilities, including product development, service excellence, workforce management, data management, supplier management, and cybersecurity.


"Radix stands out among an impressive list of organizations worldwide that uses CMMI to drive agile process performance and behavior-driven development. As the results attested, CMMI best practices allow them to challenge their operations frequently, drive quantifiable business performance and create a platform for continuous improvement, ”says Kirk Botula, CEO of CMMI Institute. 


For a closer look at Radix's performance journey, view their Capability Challenge video: