Radix Compliance Program is awarded by Pro-Ética Seal

Radix is recognized for its reliable and trustworthy business for the 3rd consecutive year. Only 26 companies in Brazil have this seal

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Radix is one of the 26 companies awarded the Pro-Ética (Pro-Ethics) Seal for the third year in a row. Pro-Etica Seal is given to a selected few Brazilian Companies that are committed to ethical business, fighting against against corruption, developing compliance procedures, and an effective Code of Ethics. The recognition was held on 1ª Conferência Internacional de Promoção da Integridade in Brasilia, Brazil on December 12th.


222 companies in Brazil complied with all requirements and completed the necessary evaluation. After the evaluation process, 26 companies were approved and recognized as Pro-Ethics Company 2018-2019. The Pro-Ethical Company Seal is a public recognition of Transparency, Inspection, and General Comptroller's Office of the Brazilian Federal Government to identify and recognize the public and private sectors, companies committed to ethics, fight against corruption and the practice of truthful business through an Effective Compliance Program and a robust code of ethics. The initiative also encourages actions based on voluntary adoption of integrity and transparency procedures.


- At Radix, we have adopted ethical practices and look to be transparent in our decisions and relationships. This is inherent to our culture. It is truly an honor to receive such recognition - says the company's CEO, João Chachamovitz.


According to the company’s Compliance Officer, Fabio Lopes, this recognition reflects the level of maturity in the company's compliance program. The main program pillars are Board of Directors' commitment to ethical business practices, policies, programs, and the code of conduct; communicating and training staff; channels of integrity, questions and reporting; risk analysis and monitoring; and ethics committee.


The compliance program and the Radix Ethics Committee have the task of preventing and combating any violation of the rules of our company and the laws and regulations of the countries the company is located in and/or executes projects on. Acting in accordance with the rules and respecting the agreements signed are Radix's "number one" commitment - says Fábio Lopes.


For Radix Ethics Committee member, Alan Bittar, the Pro-Ethics award is already part of Radix's history. The seal reinforces the company commitment, the support from Senior Management and the ethical, sustainable and long-term relationship-oriented culture. - The award is an extremely valuable positive incentive that rewards our ethical culture.


According to the Radix’s Manager and Ethic Committee Member, Adonis Carvalho, the fact that a company is Pro-Ethics Sealed reinforces the collective healthy, ethical, and transparent corporate environment. Since society aims to increasingly become more fair and free of corruption, we must start where our actions have the greatest impact and promote this intention within our families, communities, and workplaces. It is by focusing on this last objective that the commitment of a Pro-Ethics company is established.