COVID-19: Precaution and Actions from Radix

How Radix ensures efforts to our customers, partners, vendors and employees continue unabated.

Corona 01

Dear Customers, Partners, and Vendors:

Since the worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus, Radix has been taking measures to protect the safety of our employees and their families, as well as our customers, partners, vendors and the general public. 

We formed a Health Committee with Radix Leaders and connected them with Health Experts from the Private Sector in order to formalize a strategy to deal with this crisis. We started with the quarantine of high-risk employees and followed with restricting travel to areas which had declared a State of Emergency.  We then shared our recommendations and best practices with others to prevent infection and the spread of the virus.

Due to the increasing state of emergency, we’ve expanded those measures.  Beginning today, we are requesting that employees living in the same household with high-risk individuals remain at home. In addition, all individuals who can perform their work remotely are requested to work from home and should cancel all travel and external meetings. Only team members with highly critical tasks that must be performed from the offices are permitted to do so.  Our guidelines are in direct alignment with those of the various public health national organizations.

Even under these extreme circumstances, it is important to highlight that all of Radix is prepared to continue supporting our customers and partners, and working on the existing projects, proposals, and business discussions. As a Global Technology Service company, we have the infrastructure to support working remotely already in place.  Collaboration amongst our teams, customers, partners, and vendors will continue and our business will not be disrupted. More than ever, Radix is ready to adapt and respond quickly in order to leverage the synergy and trust from the physical proximity to the virtual environment.  

Finally, we understand that long term relationships are built both in prosperous and challenging times. None of us have ever faced a situation like this before and it has required all of us to explore new business innovations.  Radix has the leadership, resources, and discipline to overcome these challenges and the firm conviction that we will leave this situation with much stronger bonds.

Stay safe and well.