Letter From Our Directors


Dear All,

You've heard us talking about this before. However, given the current circumstances in the United States and across the world, we believe it is essential to reinforce what this value means to us.

RESPECT forms the base for our relationships, with each other, partners, clients, suppliers, and all those around us. These relationships keep our business going and our people growing.

We've seen throughout the pandemic people around the world finding ways to help friends, neighbors, family, and even strangers to fight against a new common threat - Covid-19. We're glad the crisis has presented the good behavior out in most people.

Unfortunately, there is nothing new to the threat that has grasped the attention of the world these past several weeks. Racism and discrimination are once again in the center of everyone’s minds. We do believe that practicing inclusion and respect while inspiring those around us to do the same can tackle these issues. But this isn't enough. We must continue removing discrimination barriers and continuously reinforce our position against the threat to society.

Radix has as a core value to act with due regard to humanity and equal opportunity to all, regardless of race, religion, nationality, age, status, sexuality, disability, gender, or any other characteristic.

This is what we’ve always believed in; ever since the beginning of our story. More than just words, we strive daily to make a company culture based on respect a reality for all. The results from the "Great Place to Work" (GPTW) survey since our foundation suggest we are on the right path.

Radix would like to, once again, state that any form of discrimination violates our core value of RESPECT. We ask you all to continue to act in accordance with this value in order to foster a world where everyone has their fundamental rights to safety, to opportunity, and to a broader inclusion. Radix will continue to make a commitment to uphold ourselves to these same values.


Flavio Guimaraes |  RADIX US CEO                           

Daniella Gallo |  Operations Director