Radix Talk+ #8: How Chemical Companies are Aligning Their Digital and Business Strategies

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Digital Transformation is rapidly evolving and affecting all parts of an organization. How are chemicals companies managing this transformation, and ensuring that it aligns with their business strategy?  Executives from ChampionX, Covestro, and OSI Soft joined Radix and shared their insights in the latest Radix Talk+ #8.


ChampionX is a brand-new company, forged in the merger of Apergy and Nalco Champion Upstream. Eric Israel shared how ChampionX took advantage of having a ‘clean’ whiteboard to take a fresh look at aligning its business and digital strategies.

Jane Arnold, Covestro, addressed legacy systems. She discussed how Covestro chose to migrate or integrate legacy systems on a global scale to support its business strategy. As part of the journey, she provided insights on how digital transformation can inspire new ways to collaborate and accomplish goals.

Stephen Reynolds shared how at OSI Soft he focuses on connecting the dots between the operations needs of customers and the transformational power of data.

This edition was rich and promoted a great interaction of the audience. If you missed this webinar, check out the discussion clicking here: