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Radix keeps a close relationship with the Brazilian academic environment. Radix purpose with this proximity is to repay the teaching given by these universities to their professionals, as well as to stimulate the development of new technologies, to disseminate new knowledge and to contribute to the training of more qualified young professionals, and supplementing the education offered in the academic centers with the company’s technical and practical knowledge.

Radix operates in several academic initiatives carried out in the main Brazilian universities, either sponsoring competition teams, supporting events, giving lectures and mini courses, promoting competitions or submitting internship vacancies.

If you also want to see Radix developing some activity in partnership with your university, contact us and check our website for the latest events to which the company is participating.

Academic Teams


A Radix está presente nas universidades, ajudando a viabilizar eventos acadêmicos – muitas vezes organizados por iniciativa dos próprios alunos – e complementando o ensino oferecido na universidade com o nosso conhecimento técnico e prático.


In 2010, Radix launched a competition that rocked Rio Oil&Gas that year, and that was repeated in many technical and academic events in which the company participated.

Quix is the Radix quiz, a quiz competition on sustainability, renewable energy, environment, oil and gas, and other issues on the genre. In the Quix, students make pairs to try to answer together the questions developed by Radix in a short time. Questions have different difficulty levels and scores, and the pair that adds the most points wins as prizes Radix gifts sucha as technical books and possibility of internship in the company.

Since the 1st edition, the Quix has proven to be an important recruitment and selection tool.


Innovation is also very much active in Radix’s relationship with universities. In addition to the Quix and the sponsorship of university teams, the company has already promoted competitions among university students, in which the highest prize is to attend a major technical event with the expenses paid by Radix. In 2011, for example, we had two editions of this contest, which were: “Oil&Gas: Using the technology in favor of human beings” - which brought two UFPE students to the OTC Houston in the United States - and “Energy Efficiency in the Offshore Industry”, which made it possible for two UFSC and two UNIVASF students to participate in the OTC Brasil that took place in Rio de Janeiro. In these competitions, some of the engaged students were invited to be trainees at the company, then they were hired and work at Radix so far.

Sustainability Radix

Aiming to turn the creative, innovative and sustainable ideas of university students into reality, Radix has built the Radix Sustainability program. Oriented to university students, professors, researchers and technicians, the program seeks to be a change agent, acting in the management of water, solid, energy efficiency resources and in the recovery of the Vale do Rio Doce.

With the program, students and/or professionals from education and/or research institutions from all over Brazil have the chance to send their projects in the sustainability area for the company’s evaluation and, with this, they have the chance to see their ideas turned into reality.

Since its launch, two notices of the program have been opened. The first edition of Radix Sustainability was launched in mid-2015, and featured more than 25 projects from all over the country focused on Water Resources Management, Solid Resource Management and Energy Efficiency.

Radix Sustainability program second edition focused on the country’s biggest environmental disaster: the breakdown of the Mariana dams at the Vale do Rio Doce region, in the State of Minas Gerais. With the accident, Radix issued a special notice focusing on the region’s recovery: The Radix Vale do Rio Doce Sustainability. In this edition, the focus was to encourage - with technical and/or financial support – the ideas oriented to the recovery of the region and the victims, and to review the impact of the leakage.