Ic helmetEngineering

Radix’s engineering solutions cover the entire lifecycle of industrial designs, ranging from analysis of technical and economic viability of the project to assisted operation of new units. We carry out:

- Technical and economic assessments of industrial units (FEL1).

- Scale-up of bench, pilot and semi-industrial units.

- Conceptual (FEL2), basic and FEED (FEL3) designs and detailing.

- Special studies encompassing static and dynamic simulations of processes, thermo-fluid dynamics (CFD), multi-physical simulations, finite elements analysis (FEA), structural analysis and pipe flexibility analysis. These studies (also known as VIP Engineering) are currently regulated by the IPA – Independent Project Analysis – and are statistically proven to be solutions that guarantee the reduction of risk and cost of engineering projects.

- Qualitative (APR, HAZID, HAZOD, SIL, LOPA) and quantitative risk analysis.

- Complete EPC of pilot plants for technology developments (new processes and catalyzers).

- LCM Troubleshooting.

- Commissioning.

- Purchasing management.

- In this broad set of operations, the projects and studies carried out by Radix positively impact the CAPEX (implementation costs) and OPEX (operating costs) of new and existing industrial units.

Radix also offers special module designs for the offshore industry and pilot units, executing their entire development cycle, from the purchase of materials to construction – commissioning, assisted operation and training of teams.

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Purchasing Management

Risk Analysis

Conceptual/Basic/FEED Designs and Detailing

Technical and Financial Viability Studies