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The employability of industrial automation technology is easy in the production process in the cement industry, making the product reliable, consolidated and automated. In cement production, Radix operates in practically all processes, from the mining phase for obtaining the raw materials to the storage of the finished product.

In the industrial area, Radix operates with practically its entire portfolio of services, offering solutions in engineering, automation and software development.

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  • Implementation activities and configuration of PLCS

  • Development of oversight systems and integration with other systems

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  • The software area is known for the development of the X!MES system, Radix’s MES system (Manufacturing Execution System), which includes information to improve the management and execution of operations and promote gains in productivity, quality and cost reduction. Plant, quality, maintenance and production managers find X!MES to be the ideal tool to achieve excellence in execution.

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Plant, quality, maintenance and production managers find X!MES to be the ideal tool to achieve excellence in execution. X!MES facilitates production management in all aspects:

  • Collaboration

  • Planning

  • Scheduling

  • Execution

  • Control and coordination of the entire network in the production chain

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The tool offers an extensive set of functionalities to support and improve the management of the entire production system, with easy configuration and customization, in addition to being ready to be integrated with the main ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions – SAP, ORACLE, TOTVS and automation systems, PIMS (Plant Information Management System) and LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) among others.

Simply put, X!MES allows the user to access all information and resources necessary for taking decisions, at the speed and rhythm of the person managing the operation. It can be adjusted intelligently to the specific needs of the business, guaranteeing your company a competitive advantage.

It easily integrates with the production system and the production management systems through the most commonly found interfaces in the market, executing an agile exchange of information and operating as a unique tool to improve the management of operations. It is the recommended solution for companies that still lack an MES system or operate with obsolete solutions.

Other technology solutions can also be implemented in the cement industry, such as the use of PIMS systems for the management of process information at the most detailed level of information and to track information in real time. The use of LIMS systems, for management of laboratory activities, guarantees product specifications within national and internationality quality standards.

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MES Benefits

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  • Reduction of the Production cycle

  • Reduction or elimination of manual entries

  • More Tools for the operation.

  • Reduction of work in progress (WIP) by an average of 24%

  • Reduction of bureaucracy between shifts by an average of 61%

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  • Reduction/elimination of paperwork between shifts

  • Reduction of Lead Times

  • Improvement in Quality of the end product

  • Reduction of product defects by an average of 18%

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  • Refining of the planning process

  • Increase in Client service level

  • Reduction of lead time by an average of 27%

  • Reduction of losses of documents and designs by an average of 56%

  • Reduction of work in progress

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