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The biggest players in the market are increasingly investing in projects that add business value through initiatives that can generate cost reductions, increase efficiency, improve control and increase availability. Taking this into consideration and starting with the processing industry, Radix developed its solutions framework based on applications and projects aimed at specific demands of each client, which meet the operational and technology needs of the market.

Main Challenges in the Sector:

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Plants with obsolete Automation and Instrumentation systems

generating problems in the process.

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More rigorous Quality Control

for chemical processes that are increasingly sensitive to alterations.

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Need to Develop

new more Sustainable technologies and processes.

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of digital data.

Radix Solutions

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  • New Production Routes design, preparing conceptual, basic and detailed designs as well as assistance and technical support for project implementations.

  • Implementation of VIP Practices (Value Improvement Practices) as, for example, Process Simulations, Construction Feasibility, Risk Analyses, among others.

  • Industrial Automation designs, including maintenance,alarms andmanufacturing management systems.

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  • Energy Efficiency based on levers which include physical-chemical processes, evaluations of instrumentation/automation, among other variables.

  • Troubleshooting of individual processes and critical equipment using a combination of computational, automation and engineering tools.

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  • Aplicações de Cyber Security e Internet of Things (IIoT) baseadas na Indústria 4.0.

  • Optimization based on models that guarantee optimal performance in various operational bands according to production demands.

  • Artificial Intelligence (Neural, Fuzzy Networks etc) for operational control, reducing losses and guaranteeing the quality of the products.

This pool of solutions, combined with a team committed to guaranteeing timelines, cost control and mitigation of corporate/operational risks, are the pillars in the execution of projects and, consequently, the competitive differentials which add value for the client.

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