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The civil construction industry is a strategic sector for the country’s development, both for the labor employed as well as for being responsible for the development of foundations that promote the entire production chain. Radix considers technological innovation a strong tool or competitiveness and improvements in the production process of this sector. This primarily becomes possible when we combine technology with assertive management practices. Thus, Radix is developing innovation and technology projects for companies in the construction sector which are always aimed at improving their specific and unique production and management processes.

Among the projects executed for the construction sector, Radix is known for promoting the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) in its projects. It is estimated that in 2020:

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We will have 6,1 billion


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50 billionobjects

will be Integrated.

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250 million

Vehiclesconnected to the internet.

X!Digital is the main product developed by Radix with the use of Big Data tools capable of supporting significant IoT demands. The software allows the construction company to fully manage its fleet through an intelligent system. It is a system for operational management and asset management for the machines of different industries, including large-scale machines in the construction sector. Utilizing prediction algorithms and artificial intelligence, the system predicts faults in the machines, generating predictive maintenance alerts and guaranteeing the efficiency of the equipment. Additionally, X!Digital monitors the availability of this equipment in real time and helps companies change the way they operate and execute maintenance routines, moving from reactive coverage to proactive and intelligence coverage.

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As we know, energy and operational efficiency are challenges that are gaining force in various industries. In the construction industry, for example, optimizing the use of the fleet through proper asset management allows for a considerable increase in operational performance and efficiency. This optimization is achieved through real time information on fuel consumption, vehicle positioning and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) productivity information. These points can be reaching using specific X!Digital modules and Radix’s expertise in logistical processes.

Radix also offers consulting, technology and outsourcing services for the construction industry, developing solutions that are focused on the client and its industrial sector, in addition to offering innovative and highly customized solutions for each client.

Radix believes that all phases of the production change in this industry have opportunities for improvement. The company’s task is to identify these opportunities and make them possible, from the automation of equipment with telemetric technologies to the development of complete communication and analytics solutions in the cloud.

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