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The power sector presents dimensions and complexities that exist in few countries in the world, also placing Radix in a context of major challenges. To attend to the increase in complexity and overcome these challenges, the company is prepared to offer differentiated solutions and technologies to the entire supply chain the sector, in Brazil and in the world:

Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Institutional and End User.

Radix’s main differential for the sector comes from the multidisciplinary profile of the team and from being a pioneer in the use of technologies in various industrial segments. The main challenges of the sector are:

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Continuously increasing the availability of assets, combined with operational efficiency and cost reductions, as well as the Rapid Restoration of critical systems.

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Alternative Sources

Develop and introduce alternative sources in the matrix, in order to optimize the interconnected system and guarantee the supply of increasingly in demand power, associated with the Growth of distributed generation.

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Operate and manage the electrical system with the maximum energy and operational performance, bringing Intelligence to complex decisions, from planning to post-operation.

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Integration of Systems

Develop technologies and integrate new needs with the large number of existing systems, taking advantage of the benefits of technologies in Accelerated Evolution.

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Availability and Analysis of Data

Provide updated and complex information based on large amounts of data Quickly and Reliably.

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Industry 4.0, IOT and Smart Cities

Update the electric system to absorb the digitalization of society, its means of production and facilities.

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Safety (Cyber Security)

Guarantee Maximum Safety of information in a context of ample access to data and systems without taking advantage of the benefits of information networks, such as cloud technologies.

Radix Solutions

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Critical Systems

for operational Efficiency and Intelligence.

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Specialized Systems

in Real Time.

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and Industrial IT Designs

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Management Systems

for Maintenance andOperation.

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for operational Efficiency and Intelligence.

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Basic andDetailed

Conceptual Engineering

of new and existing units.

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Owner’s Engineering


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and technical support for Operation and Maintenance.

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on Engineering and New Technologies.

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Research and Development Projects

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