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With the constant technology advances in the food and beverage industry, companies always need to be up-to-date to remain competitive in the market. Barriers involving automation, intelligence of systems and integration of information are challenges that need to be overcome with the best existing technology, engineering and management. Radix anticipates these technology trends to develop projects that align the knowledge of processes based on engineering techniques and software development.

An important issue on which the food and beverage issue must focus is the hygiene and safety on its products. Radix develops tracking systems in order to collect and record the location history and occurrences during the life of the product. This is an important tool in certificate processes and health and safety control of any food production chain. In addition, Radix also performs process simulation studies, for example studies involving Spray Dryer, through which it is possible to check the optimal dust expulsion conditions and seek solutions which generate greater stability in the process and safety in the food product.

Energy efficiency is another challenge gaining force in the industry, due to the need to reduce production costs, due to sustainability policies and due to environmental concerns. The beverage industry, for example, extensively uses refrigeration, steam and compressed air systems. A large part of the consumption of these factories is based on these utilities. Radix executes projects which aim to optimize energy, water and utility consumption, reduce costs, increase productivity and sustainability, improve operations and eliminate departmental barriers.

Non-conformities and faults are commonly found in the production processes in the food and beverage industry, which may originate from human or automated faults. With the structure developed by Radix, it is possible to safely automate and optimize the production of these products:

  • Automation Solutions

  • Instrumentation

  • Control Meshes

  • Automation Systems

  • Industrial Networks

  • Control Rooms

  • PDAIT (Executive Plan for Automation, Information and Technology)

The client thus has a considerable gain in efficiency and control of its processes, in addition to generating confidence in its products and image. Engineering is the basis of this industry and faces increasing challenges, requiring that companies be prepared to meet the demand without losing the quality of their products. Radix engineering solutions:

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  • Conceptual, basic and detailed designs for factories, distribution centers, warehouses, laboratories, seeking Efficiency and Quality in the mix of ingredients and guaranteeing assertiveness at cold air/hot air points.

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  • Specific studies on fluid Distribution

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  • Specific studies, through Computational Modeling, for cases of equipment with recurring problems.

All phases of the production chain in this industry have opportunities for improvement. Radix’s task is to identify these opportunities and make them possible, from raw materials to all processes involved to the distribution of the end product.

To support companies in the sector not only overcoming these challenges but also taking advantage of them as a strategic and competitive differential, Radix and Biosafe, with the support of consultant Fábio Domingos, created FOOD TRUST services, adding this strategy to their portfolios.​

This is a specialized and multidisciplinary service, involving veterinarians, biologists, agronomists and engineers of various specialties, addressing the entire food chain: farm to table, field production evaluating, logistics, storage, industrial processes, tracking and genealogy of lots, automation, refrigeration, etc. in order to ensure the safety of the food offered to the end customer.

Our specialists work integrated, evaluating the production chain, identifying vulnerabilities, and proposing actions and projects for improvements.

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