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The healthcare sector is extremely important for society and for the economy due to the nature of its operations which, in the majority of cases, are directly related to human lives. It is a complex area, whose primary objective is the treatment of diseases and injuries, always seeking causes and prevention.

In this context, the conditions of technology differences between companies (non-existent or outdated buildings and systems), the increasingly accelerated technology advances and the political and economic reality of the country challenge companies on a daily basis to be more effective and productive in their operations, guaranteeing the availability of supplies and infrastructure to attend to patients and control costs, with the maintenance of human services and the use of new technologies.

To meet companies’ operational and technology needs, Radix operates as a partner on the most critical technology issues in the various operational phases. Combining its technology expertise with the efficiency needs of the sector, it offers innovative, specified and implemented solutions based on its operational knowledge.

To meet all potential technology demands, Radix offers an operating framework based on six fronts:

Ic devices

User interface

Development of customized solutions that expand the user interface, improving the user experience.

Ic plant

Energy/Operational Efficiency

Development of energy management systems to increase the efficiency of operational sites and support the definition of strategies for this increase.

Ic datasecurity

Cyber Security

Development of mobile applications to facilitate operations as well as provide a better transportation user experience, taking into account concepts such as IoT, Cyber Security and Cloud Solutions.

Ic mind

Business Inteligence

Development of Business Intelligence (BI) systems to support executives in the definition of the best strategies for the evolution of their businesses.

Ic internet

IOT Internet Of Things

Ic cloud computing

Monitoring and Transmission

and Storage of data

Development of oversight systems to increase the availability of operational sites, facilitate operations and, consequently, reduce maintenance costs.

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