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The media and entertainment industry is one of the most promising sectors of the American market. Thus, new trends emerged, both in online as well as offline areas.

Some key factors that will spur the new trend of the digital industry involve the expansion and reduction of the cost of broadband internet and the consolidation of mobile devices as a digital platform. With the advent of new technologies and the expansion of digitalization, the industry is being challenged to find efficient solutions to sustain its growth. To compete in this market and keep up with the constant technology advances, companies need to align their strategies and technologies if they want to achieve good results. Knowing this, Radix understands the challenges and needs of each business and seeks to be a technology partner for its clients, aligning the importance of people, processes and technologies.

Ic devices

Customized Systems

Increase the user interface, improving the user Experience.

Ic system

Maintenance and Support of systems.

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ERP, CRM, SCM, SIG, MRP systems.

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Development of Mobile applications

IoT, Cyber Security e Cloud Solutions

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systems Oversight

Increase the availability of operational sites, facilitate operations and Reduce Costs of maintenance.

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Business Intelligence

Strategic improvements for evolution of your businesses.

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Development of Energy Managementsystems

To increase the Efficiency of operational sites and support the definition of Strategies.

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