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Radix has an experienced team which understands the challenges and can overcome them with agility and innovation. The framework of solutions of the company covers all needs of the sector, contributing to the increase in efficiency in the entire production chain, from the exploration phases to the operations of the fields.

The multi-disciplinary profile of the team, combined with the use of more modern technologies existing in the market, comprise the Radix differential in the national and international landscape.

Main Challenges in the Sector:

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Oscillations in the price per barrel

Uncertainty reduces investments and makes the acquisition of assets throughout the supply chain more expensive.

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Restriction in number of people on board offshore installations.

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Remote monitoring

Access operational data in real time to support BI.

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Peculiarity of new reserves

They challenge existing technologies and force companies to develop new technologies.

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Inefficiency, operational costs and downtime

The reduction of these factors more than ever characterize a competitive differential for companies.

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Local content and qualified labor

The lack of qualified national resources hinders companies in complying with this requirement.

Ic datasecurity

Operational safety and environment

Efficient maintenance of assets to guarantee greater safety in the processes and avoid environmental damage.

Ic cloud computing

Digital era

Compared to other industries, it is much more complex and costly to provide infrastructure for data collection for remote monitoring.

Radix Solutions:

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  • Technical Assistance for construction, start-up and commissioning.

  • Engineering support during all phases of the project.

  • Support for procurement and construction with International Implementation (operation in Asia and U.S.).

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  • Conceptual studies andSimulations.

  • Flow Assurance studies.

  • Basic and Detailed engineering for Brownfield and Greenfield.

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  • Support for maintenance of assets and Critical equipment.

  • Troubleshooting of individual processes and critical equipment, using a combination of computational tools, automation and engineering.

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  • Industrial Automation projects for platforms, including maintenance systems, alarms and manufacturing engineering systems (MES).

  • BI e IIoTsolutions, from factory floors to corporate systems

  • Integration of systems and development of Customized systems.

  • Industrial IT, Industry 4.0 e Cyber Security.

  • Development of Latest Generation tools to guarantee designs with high technical quality, with a focus on construction feasibility, contributing to the most efficient operation and maintenance.

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