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Oil refining faces pressures from the constant growth of Exploration and Production (E&P) activities and the increase in demand for oil derivatives. The sustainability and resulting growth of renewable energies are additional factors impacting the sector.

It is in this context that Radix appears as a potential strategic partner in the implementation of designs for new projects (Greenfields) as well as for existing units (Brownfields). If in Engineering the company’s portfolio covers all phases of the cycle (EVTE, Conceptual, Basic, FEED, Detailing, Commissioning, Assisted Operation, Technical Support), in Industrial Automation Radix has experience from level 0 (factory floor) to level 5 (corporate systems), with development of specialized systems that meet the specific needs of each client.

Main Challenges in the Sector:

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Search for New Technologies

for Revitalization of plant control systems.

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Increasingly strict legislation

from the Environmental and Safety point of view.

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Search for more

Efficient and Sustainable Processes.

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Need for Specialized Systems

to Reduce stoppage times and Increase plant availability.

Radix Solutions:

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  • Industrial Automation designs, including maintenance, alarms e manufacturing management systems.

  • Auditing/Tuning of control meshes and implementation of advanced control.

  • Risk Analysis and Dynamic Simulation designs for mitigation of operational risks.

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  • Monitoring and management of assets through applications and systems to support decision making based onIndustry 4.0.

  • Energy Efficiency based on levers which include physical-chemical processes, evaluation of instrumentation/automation, among other variables.

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  • Engineering design of new units, including, for example,production units, processing and improvement of product quality and derivatives.

  • Troubleshooting of individual processes and critical equipment, utilizing a combination of computational, automation and engineering tools.

Radix can solve this headache, being the strategic and technology partner of clients seeking suppliers who offer credibility, technical excellence, quality and long-term relationships.

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