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Steelmaking is one of the country’s main economic activities and one of the main basic industries. The products generated by this industry supply other important sectors such as the automotive industry and the civil construction and home appliance industries.

Among the projects executed for the steelmaking sector, Radix is known for promoting the optimization of processes, costs and performance. The company has success cases in different projects implementing PIMS, MES and LIMS systems, in addition to customized systems for real time availability of plant information. In these projects, the focus on the use of the most up-to-date and suitable technologies, on the use of trained and qualified labor and on the efficient management of the project phases and its resources, guaranteed Radix recognition by its clients. And as a follow-up to the implemented systems, the company also offers continual improvement services and corrective and evolving maintenance of the systems developed.

Radix is known for:

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Optimization of Processes

Optimization of Costs and Optimization of Performance

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Systems Implementation Project

PIMS, MES and LIMS, in addition to Customized systems.

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Energy and Operational Efficiency

Automated monitoring of energy consumption of plants.

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Operational Intelligence

The increasing strength of energy and operational efficiency in steelmaking is due to the need to reduce production costs as a result of an extremely competitive environment (price and quality).

Radix is ready to provide the most suitable and customized solution to its clients, for automated monitoring of energy consumption in plants and implementation of controls to reduce energy costs and provide cross-sectional information on consumption and production, in operational intelligence systems.

Engineering, digitalization and control are critical factors in this industry and growing challenges are arising for companies to meet the demand without losing the quality of their products. Radix also offers consulting, technology and outsourcing services for the steelmaking industry, developing innovative and highly technological solutions, with a focus on its clients.

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We believe that all phases of the steelmaking industry have opportunities for improvement. Radix’s task is to identify these opportunities and make them possible, from process automation with computational intelligence technologies to the development of complete data mining and analytics solutions in the cloud.

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