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Never had Brazil extracted as much energy from sugar cane as in 2015, when the product comprised 18% of the total national energy supply. Records such as this are broken annually through the constant evolution of the production process.

It is in this scenario that Radix emerges to support producers in maximizing their profits and increasingly refining the use of land through technology. The company’s team of specialists and engineers can operate in all phases of the chain, from planting to the end product.

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Operational Efficiency projects

Identification of operational opportunities and improvements, executed by a multidisciplinary team, aimed at Cost reductions and Optimization.

Ic radar

Proximity Alert

Makes the contact between human and machine safer, resulting in Safe Harvests for your workers.

Ic system

Sugar Energy Information System

System for access to operational data in real time to support Decision-Making.

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BI and IoT Solutions

Intelligence from the field to corporate systems

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