App to support with anxiety disorder

Be Okay, the app created by Radix’s software developer, celebrates over 50,000 downloads worldwide.

Be okay site

The application named Be Okay, created by Radix’s software developer Helena Leitao, shows how technology can help ensure public welfare. The app supports those who suffer from anxiety disorder, such as Panic Disorder. The disorder affects over 6% of world population according the World Health Organization (2017). This innovative and affordable technology is available in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. The app has already been downloaded over 50,000 times around the world.


Helena presented the app to Radix colleagues, reinforcing the importance of paid special attention to any signs of depression, panic attacks, and suicide prevention.




How does the app work?



The app is a powerful user-friendly ally. During a panic attack the user can review breathing exercises, access soothing sights (previously selected by the user), and speed-dial for help, among other resources.


Besides the immediate assistance, the user can fill some forms out regarding the attack (time, location, duration, signals) building records. These records are useful for keeping track with the doctor to detect the root causes, frequency, and intensity.


“It is important to emphasize the app does not replace medical assistance. This app is just a support tool for the treatment prescribed” reminded the founder.


The project was developed when Helena was a student at PUC- Rio, in partnership with two colleagues, an engineer, Ana Luisa Ferrer, and a designer, Gabriella Lopes. Launched in February 2017, the app was initially only accessible in iOS and quickly attained 46,000 downloads in more than 60 countries. In August 2018 the app was available to Android users, although it is in Portuguese only. The app has amassed to various users in the United States, Germany, Portugal, and China.


“It is gratifying to see the positive impact in lives of so many people worldwide. I've had a chance to hear from many close friends, colleagues and even strangers who write reviews on the App Store and our social networks, sharing stories and pains. I'm very satisfied to see the goodness that Be Okay has been done to many people”, says Helena.


Helena mentions Be Okay has continued plans for the future with new updates with the support from Radix.