Radix develops project for Grupo Technos, the largest watch company in Latin America

The app was tested by user groups with different profiles

Technos site

Radix is developing a mobile app for Grupo Technos. Grupo Technos is the largest watch company in Latin America. Grupo Technos consolidated their leadership in terms of revenues in the Brazilian market in the 1990s. Currently, their own a portfolio has 18 well positioned brands in order to meet different clients’ profiles.


The project integrates smartwatches devices with cellphones. Thus, when the smartwatches are paired with the mobile, it is able to count steps, measure heart rates, read SMS, share pictures, access documents as well as many other interesting functions and services.


To test the app's usability and, consequently, the smartwatches, Radix invited Instituto Infnet’s students (in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and people with different profiles to test and evaluate the features, sharing their feedbacks and perceptions about the products.


An usability test is a task used to evaluate if a new product is user friendly and intuitive, ensuring the product meets the expectations of the end users. The attendees learned how to use the app, tested features and navigability, and met with the developer’s team. In addition, they were invited to share their insights and suggestions to improve the system.  This meeting was held last September with over 20 guests among professionals of different expertise as well as the Radix’s and Technos’ team involved in the project.


"Radix ensures the solutions are practical and of high-quality. We had the opportunity to try the application out with the end-users. This practice has been growing every year and it is very important to be able to achieve a higher quality to meet the demands of the users", said Renato Wajnberg, Usability Expert at Radix.