Focused on people management, Radix has business partners on its team

Professionals play a more relevant role with the team working from home.

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The Business Partner (BP) role was created in the 1980s to promote alignment between the company's business core values and the human resources area. The professionals assist in decision making, organizing, and communicating information, and is a link between team managers in different segments, making the mission smooth. In addition, it oversees onboarding and balancing corporate, budget, and employee needs.

For now, Radix has two BPs, focused on people prioritizing the development and growth of employees. Frances Galindo and Ana Mastrangelo describe how to enhance the company's results, work with managers and their teams, dealing with everyone's demands, and guiding in processes such as career, feedback, and remuneration analysis, ranging from recruitment and onboarding, even internal development programs.

Frances adds: "Radix's BPs mission is making the employees feel cared for and supported, especially in times that all team is working from home.  The best part is to feel that the professional is satisfied with the attention invested in him individually."

- “I’m proud that Radix’s values and care for employees are authentic”, completed Frances.

Ana Mastrangelo works as a focal point for the team in the United States. She states that Radix US has been getting closer to Radix Brazil:

- Radix has started implementing Radix Everywhere, a concept that guides the company to hire the best talent from the physical location. “We are hiring more employees from locations and diverse cultures and we continue to promote more training and initiatives to integrate the teams,” finalized Mastrangelo.