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New Artificial Intelligence Tool (PrevisIA) Helps Predict Amazon Deforestation and Fires

Radix provides IT expertise to Project with Microsoft, Imazon, and the Vale Fund

Amazon forest to site 1360 x 850

Radix Engineering’s latest project was helping develop PrevisIA, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that predicts Amazon deforestation hotspots and prevent future losses. The project, developed for Imazon with Microsoft and the Vale Fund, uses AI and machine learning to spot trends in forest conversion from deforestation and burning. PrevisIA uses Microsoft Azure cloud to analyze satellite images (provided by the European Space Agency) and process data about the Amazon environment, such as legal and illegal roads, topography, land cover, and socioeconomic data. The result is that the most vulnerable areas of the biome can be identified, allowing intervention so that they are not destroyed.

Microsoft hired Radix for the project to add IT expertise to the technology initiatives already underway at Imazon. The project’s main objective was to achieve the required functionalities, processing capacity, security, and scalability of the platform using Microsoft solutions such as the Azure cloud environment, Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics in Web systems.

The infrastructure environment and software needed to help them using cutting-edge technologies were reviewed. Radix created customized panels (dashboards) that allow users of Imazon's technological platform to visualize the information generated in an easy, intuitive, and interactive way.

Imazon has made these new panels publicly available on the Internet. All system requirements were planned in Design Thinking sessions conducted by Radix and joined by multiple organizations from the public and private sectors.

With the information provided by Imazon, it will be possible for public agencies and private sector companies to carry out preventive actions and mitigate investment risks and market transactions associated with illegal deforestation. This information is also of interest to the local community, the press and, increasingly, to society in general, worldwide.

“The environmental benefit of the project brought us great motivation, as it combined the use of state-of-the-art technology with initiatives linked to sustainability. The use of Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential to solve various types of problems and in this project, it was used to achieve quality, scale monitoring, and perform preemptive action for the entire Amazon Region. We are pleased to be able to contribute to help provide vital information that will help preserve the Amazon Forest,” said Radix's CTO, Geraldo Rochocz.