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12 Years of Radix

You are part of this story.

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On March 31, 2022, Radix is ​​completing 12 years of a history built by several hands. From the first professionals hired, to those who recently joined the team which already has more than 1200 radixians, our trajectory is made up of people.

Over these years, we have undergone many transformations. We have multiplied our size and consolidated ourselves as the Best Company to Work for, always at the top of the rankings; we have won awards and certifications, signed important partnerships, and supported the training of hundreds of students in academic and technical education. Thanks to the daily commitment and dedication of each and every employee, we impact the lives of millions of people with our projects, bringing cutting-edge technology and solutions to society and companies around the world.

Together, we went through crises, survived market variations, and faced one of the biggest challenges in our history: the pandemic. The health and well-being of everyone has always guided the decisions we make in this period. Preserving our essence and the company's values, even at a distance, was only possible with the engagement of everyone.

Our CEO, Chachá, commented on the emotion following another year of Radix:

“I'm very proud of what we've built so far and to be part of this wonderful team. We are 12 years old, with Radix strong and prepared for the future. We are a company with a robust structure, projects in more than 25 countries, a differentiated engineering portfolio, and  long-term relationships with some of the largest companies in the world. For the coming years, we have plans for globalization, development of new businesses and, above all, to continue investing in people.

For the coming years, the expectation is for an even more favorable scenario for growth, driven by post-pandemic technological and consumer trends. The forecast is for major transformations in all sectors of the industry and an acceleration in digitalization processes in companies, which can generate opportunities for our business globally. Innovation will dictate this movement, so our mission is to position Radix as a reference for customers at this time of change.

The challenge is great, but we count on you to advance towards the next achievements. Celebrate with us, and let's write the new pages of this story together!"